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Stirring Systems

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Spectrocell has three types of stirring systems available-Magnetic, Direct, and Dual Drive systems. All motors and controllers are interchangeable. Our stirring systems are designed to continuously mix liquid samples during scanning, promoting greater accuracy and reproducibility in the spectrophotometry of suspensions and in kinetic reaction studies.

Spectro-Stir systems are driven by precision, low voltage DC mini motors. Stirring speeds are accurately set with an electronic controller. Adjustments can be made for low speed stirring to maintain sample homogeneity while protecting delicate cell suspensions from degradation. Spectro- Stir systems perform reliably over a very wide range of sample viscosities and, with virtually any material, producing uniform dispersion in the widest range of specimens. Complete mixing occurs within one second, an advantage in kinetic reaction studies.

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The Spectrocell Precision Cuvette Stirring system consists of the following equipment and features:

The Spectrocell Precision Cuvette Stirring System consists of an electronic speed controller, and the direct drive motor assembly. The controller mounts outside the optical compartment and permits precise speed regulation of motor  RPM due to a novel “pseudo-tachometer” feedback circuit. No speed overshoots occur upon turn-on. The DC analog control technique reduces electromagnetic interference with the photo-multiplier to a negligible level.

The miniature motor assembly is machined to fit into a standard one cm cuvette such as our R-3010. Switching between cuvettes, or even instruments, is easily accomplished. This stirrer is an excellent alternative when.

  • Compact variable speed controller
  • Precise speed regulation 200-5000 rpm
  • Fits into standard 1 cm cuvette
  • Either direct or magnetically coupled configuration
  • Mixes in approximately one second
  • Corners of cuvette open for additions
  • Useful for suspension and kinetic studies