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Spectrocell Microplates are made from high- quality clear polystyrene. Spectrocell microplates fit into all common dispensers, washers and readers. Our microplates provide consistent optical quality and are available in three different well shapes. Round, flat, and conical base shapes for different areas of application. Hollows are labelled alphanumerically for quick coordination. Spectrocell microplates are suitable for immunoassays (ELISA/EIA), and other diagnostic tests such as geometric dilutions, blood group serology, hemagglutination tests and hemagglutination inhibition tests, antibody diagnostic tests, antisteptolysin-O-titer determination, and complement fixation reactions.

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  • Compatible with all common dispensers, readers and washers
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Uniform surfaces
  • Alpha numeric
  • Available in three different wells shapes