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It is not uncommon for cuvette users to cut their replacement costs depending on annual usage, anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. If you’re trying to cut costs, without sacrificing the quality of your supplies, the best option is to buy direct from the manufacturer. Spectrocell is the only cuvette manufacturer you need to know!
With Spectrocell, even small-scale cuvette users will enjoy large savings compared to their current supplier. We maintain large cuvette inventories that are ready for immediate overnight or standard shipment. Samples are available upon request. Contact us today!

The Industry’s Only MIL-SPEC Cuvette Manufacturer 

Spectrocell cuvettes are manufactured under the same strict quality requirements as our widely acclaimed spectrophotometer cells. In fact, we are the only cuvette manufacturer operating under MIL-I-45208, a stringent quality standard required by the United States government for military applications. Our facility is fully certified for compliance with this standard.
Spectrocell was selected by NASA to manufacture special cells used aboard the space shuttle and for critical ground based experiments. No other cuvette manufacturer was capable of producing these products with the level of quality desired and at the low cost Spectrocell provided. 

Contact Us for Premium Quality Cuvettes

Spectrocell products are in daily use in thousands of universities and research labs throughout the world. Request a quote on cuvettes for your application, or contact us to learn more.

See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

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